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What is a Bail Bond Agreement? Secured or surety bond is defined as a secured or surety bond requires the services of a bail bonds agent. The bail bond agreement is written and secured with a premium that is 10% of the total bail bond amount. More so, the agreement refers to the contract that exists between the indemnitor(s) and the bail agent. The agreement generally includes:

• the name and contact information of the indemnitor,
• the date the bail bond was executed, the bond amount, the criminal charge(s), and
• the court in which the defendant is required to appear.

Cash Bonds vs. Bail Bonds

Full cash bonds provide a powerful incentive for the defendant to appear in court. If the defendant appears for all of his or her scheduled court appearances, the cash bail should be returned in full. What types of bail bondsmen are available? In general, posting bail falls into one of three categories. Firstly, there are cash bonds. In a few words, this is money orders or cash.

When you call, we can advise you if you qualify for financing within minutes. Our licensed bail bond agents understand that this is a difficult time; they’re happy to work with your special circumstances to provide legal, affordable bail bonds.